The Farm
The Farm Casalgismondo Farm is located in the province of Enna, in the heart of the Sicily, not far from the archaeological site of Morgantina and Piazza Armerina, the city of the Mosaics. It is also easy to reach from Catania, Enna and Caltagirone. Ours is a family business, durum wheat and other cereals has been grown in the farm since the ninetheen century. Our family has also owned a flock of sheep and cows since the beginning of the 20th century. In 1960 all the cows were sold and it was decided to maintain only the sheep flock. The sheep produced milk that has been always processed inside the farm in order to obtain cheese. Until the mid nineties all the cheese and ricotta has been produced thanks to the ability of man employed in the farm. In 1995, Maria Rita D’Amico, the current farm owner, decided to renew the farm structure and organization, installing a system of machine milking, in order to simplify and improve the production and also guarantee the observance of hygienic-sanitary requirements, essential to maintain the cheese production according to the recent law that discipline this subject (DPR 54/1997). Opening to technology does not mean for us just to forget our tradition in the cheese-making. We have confirmed the choice to produce cheese using only raw milk and avoiding every pasteurization of the milk, in order to obtain cheese and ricotta rich of all the flavours and taste that comes from our pastures. We let them free to move on our fields inside the farm, believing in an extensive breeding of them. Coherently with this chose the Farm has entered the rules of organic agriculture since 1995 (certified from ECOCERT ITALY). The biological regimen has interested since the beginning the crop of durum wheat and other cereals obtained in the farm and since 1999 it regards also the breeding of our sheep and consequently the cheese and ricotta production.
The Lake This choice means also the exclusion of druggist treatments to during the animals during the lactation and the duty of feeding them with organic forages and eats.
The Casalgismondo Farm has decided to process only the milk obtained from his own flock of cheep in order to have direct and complete control over the cheese and ricotta production.
The cheese production comprehends various fresh and aged "pecorino" cheese, the Piacentinu Ennese (made with saffron) and the "Pecorino Siciliano DOP".
The ricotta obtained after the production of cheese is also a great delicacy.
Our Farm is open to everyone who is interested in tasting and buying traditional and flavoured sheep cheese from Sicily. It will be only necessary to call in advance to be sure that someone will take care of our guests.
More recently, the farm opened a Farm holidays, where to stay and make a truly experience of country life, also visiting the surroundings, full of interesting spots.