The Products
All our cheeses are produced with raw whole milk coming exclusively from our animals reared on the farm.
Tuma Sheep cheese with a sweet taste that is consumed very fresh after no more then 15 days from the production. It is also an useful ingredient in various Sicilian recipes. It can be aromatized with garden rocket, with chilli, with olives, etc. Tuma
Pecorino Primo Sale Fresh sheep cheese with black pepper It is generally seasoned for 20 to 30 days after the production. Pecorino Primo Sale
Pecorino Stagionato Seasoned sheep cheese, generally with black pepper, it is seasoned for a long time in order to gain in flavours and taste.
It can be seasoned from 6 months to one year.
Pecorino Stagionato
Pecorino Siciliano D.O.P. Sheep cheese without pepper, seasoned for at least four months.
It is the only sheep cheese that can be named as “Pecorino Siciliano” according to the European law because all its ingredients come from Sicily and it is made in Sicily. Its production is checked by a consortium.
Pecorino Siciliano D.O.P.
Piacentinu Ennese Traditional sheep cheese made adding saffron to the curd which also contain black pepper in grains, This is a typical cheese of the Province of Enna, it has ancient origins, and was made in the past using the wild saffron who grew in the countryside of Enna. Thanks to the saffron it has an unusual yellow colour and a delicate and special taste. It has to be seasoned for at least 60 days to be labelled as “Piacentinu Ennese”. Piacentinu Ennese